Eco-council : wildlife (Oct / Nov 2016)

We looked at different wildlife that may need our support this time of year. Everyone was particularly interested in the welfare of hedgehogs. We looked at what we could do to make our environments more hedgehog friendly whilst learning some facts about the hedgehog. We completed the topic by making hedgehog collages. They were great and fun to do!

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Eco-council (sept 2016)

A massive welcome all new recruits.

Don’t forget we will be meeting every Monday at 2:30 in cirp.

I can’t wait to meet you all. We’re going to have a busy year ahead of us.


Eco-council (april may)

We’ve made a start!


To develop the area further we are going to grow some flowers and vegetables. First we needed to prepare by building a greenhouse!!

Yes that’s right….we built a greenhouse.

PhotoGrid_1463601295196we’ve never laughed as much.

You had to be there……all of us in a greenhouse moving it from one side of the school to the other. It was raining so we all piled inside and shuffled along taking the greenhouse with us. Even the children in the classrooms were amused at this walking greenhouse!

Anyway, it is now in position and being put to good use.


We can’t wait for our crops to grow!

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Lead Learners (april-may)

Congratulations to the Lead Learners for their success in making a difference. All their hard work in trying to improve the playground is paying off.

PhotoGrid_1461706553820it doesn’t stop there!!!!

There will be more as the Eco-council are also putting their skills to use and planning to develop the school grounds too.


The Lead Learners have recently teamed up with the Junior Road Safety Officers, running a campaign promoting staying safe in the community and being healthy.

To begin with a travel survey was conducted, looking at how children travel to school.


There are many children who travel to school by car! This was quite concerning as some of these children live close by, within walking distance. Which brings us to,

‘what can we do to change this ?’

Well, coming up, to promote healthy living and exersice, the JRSO’s are holding an active challenge.


…more information will follow nearer the date. Meanwhile, the Lead Learners &JRSO’s have been busy distributing pictures for a colouring competition. It is aimed at advising children to stay safe when out playing on their bikes, scooters or skateboards.

IMG_20160518_211204 entries to be in by the end of term.


Coming up….



Happening this weekend in support of our Junior wardens group.

IMG_20160516_134241hope to see you all there.


Eco-council:Tree planting (March)

The Eco-council had 50 trees donated. Oh, what to do with them????

We walked around the playground to find the perfect location. The children’s minds ran wild. What evolved out of our discussions was the idea of a peace garden. A place of tranquillity, where they could take their learning in the sunshine or simply escape the hustle and bustle of the playground. This was their final idea after many drafts…


Still in the stage of planning. The next thing to do was prepare the area and plant the trees, which we will do after Easter. We can’t wait!


Lead Learners (march)

This month the Lead Learners worked hard as a team to produce an Easter egg for an Easter fayre event at horizon school. The egg had to be representative of our school. Weeks of hard work went into it.IMG_20160308_153743

All their hard work paid off.


Well done Lead Learners 😀


Lead learners &JRSO’s – playgound improvement project (jan/ feb 2016)

This has been a busy and productive time for us all. We have worked hard on this project for sometime now.


Back in October we wrote to Miss Dring requesting improvements to our playground…….months later the exciting news came. We had 3 meetings arranged with different companies regarding playground equipment. They were all very interesting and listened to what we wanted.  We had to consider all sorts from the height of the equipment, who would be using it, to the kind of safety base we would require.

We though ‘just pop it in the ground and we’ll play on it’. How wrong were we…..


These are the different kinds of protective bases we had to choose from.

Anyway……a desicion has been made and a company’s proposal has been accepted.  We are looking at a new trim trail for the lower playground and a tyre park for the top playground. All will be revealed in time and it doesn’t stop there. We are looking to buy playground equipment and maybe playground markings.


We can’t wait!

Thanks Miss Dring for making this possible.

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Eco-council- habitats (jan/ feb 2016)

The Eco-council have been learning about the wildlife around our local area. Barnsley biodiversity kick started this back in November when we investigated the nest boxes located on the school grounds. We wanted to find out more and researched these creatures in greater detail.


Here we are recreating the natural habitats around us. We used real grass and leaves, we even did bark rubbings for the trunk of our tree. Blake had a real baby slug on his picture… Ewww! It was fun and mad us think about the mini breasts as well as wildlife.




We learned that plants and greenery are producers as they absorb their nutrients from the sun and the soil and that insects, bids, squirells and other wildlife are consumers as they have to consume (eat) to survive.

We also found out what omnivores, carnivores and herbivores are. Do you know what they are?

This took our learning g from habitats to food chains. We even produced our own foodchains, then had fun making our own food chain masks.



To finish the topic off we are currently writing mini books about some of the wildlife to read to eyfs and ks1 during the celerbrations of world book week.


Lead learners and JRSO’s (nov/ dec 2015)

Welcome…..our new Junior Road Safety Officers


They got to work straight away by raising awareness of the dark evenings and darker mornings. What better way to promote being seen and being bright than to hold a bright sock day. It was great to see how many of us took part.


Thank you all for your support.

The JRSO’s also held a ‘design the brightest school uniform colouring competion with loads of road safety goodies to give away. Well done to all those who won.


The Lead Learners worked hard during anti-bullying week to promote friendships. Their message was presented in the form of posters that are currently on display in the nurture room.


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Eco-council (nov – dec 2015)

The Eco-council have been busy yet again. They are going to do some work on habitats and foodchains following on from their afternoon out in the school grounds, where they investigated the habitats of our local wildlife (Nov)


Finalising our energy topic, the Eco-council leave us with a few words of advise…


They even made labels for the whole school to support us saving energy (Nov/ Dec)


The Eco-council joined forces with the e-cadets and nurture groups to submit entries for the Santa’s sleigh competition.PhotoGrid_1452552369872

A massive well done to all those that took part. You will be pleased to know that although we didn’t come first we did win a £50 voucher to be spent on computer equipment. This has been given to Mel to purchase goodies for the computer suit.

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